Munca.Work offers your company the opportunity to deal with the supply and demand of personnel in real time through automated processes, a transparent price structure and efficient and timely delivery of quality candidates.

Whether you need to increase your workforce in 3 months or on Monday morning, work with Munca.Work gives you access to thousands of Romanian employees looking for work across the Netherlands. We specialise in supplying workers to logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, meat processing and manufacturing and FMCG companies.

Based on your vacancy, we filter our pool of employees in seconds to find the perfect match for your vacancy. If your vacancy requires employees to have their own accommodation, transportation or work-related qualifications; then you can count on these requirements being met. Likewise, if you offer accommodation, meals or transport yourself, we have the necessary candidates available in our pool.

Complete the form below and we will contact you to see how we can help your company with our workforce solutions.

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